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How to Use the pMD App

Download the pMD App for TeleHealth Communication

pMD aims to improve patient outcomes and accelerate care by connecting The Lung Docs with you instantly with the most user-friendly video solution. Download pMD on your phone to get started!


IMPORTANT: In order to use pMD telehealth services with The Lung Docs, please wait for an invite from us, and please contact us if you need an invite.

“Using the pMD app was a real anxiety reducer. If you have a question and something’s not right, you can get an answer through the pMD app. It’s immediate. You feel closer to the doctor and staff. It’s more personal. The app was very easy to download and use. I would recommend this to everyone! Doctor’s offices could really cut down on the number of phone calls. I would prefer practices that use this type of technology.”

-Mary, a patient using pMD

TeleHealth with pMD App Screen

Use these guides to get pMD set up on your device

Click the Getting Started guide below to download

pMD getting started

Click the Patient User Guide (iOS) to download

pMD User Guide for iOS

Click the Video Calling User Guide (iOS) to download

pMD Video Call Guide iOS

Click the Video Calling User Guide (web) to download

pMD Video Calling Web

Click the Voice Calling User Guide (iOS) to download

pMD Voice Calling iOS

Watch a demo of how a patient sets up pMD

pMD Patient Support FAQ

Still need help setting up pMD? Check the FAQ!