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I Need a Bronchoscopy with EBUS – What’s That?

An EBUS (or EndoBronchial UltraSound) bronchoscopy is a minimally invasive but highly effective outpatient procedure designed to help diagnose lung disorders, such as inflammation, infections, or cancer.

Pulmonologists perform the procedure by using a bronchoscope, a flexible tube which goes through the patient’s mouth and into their windpipes and lungs. Attached to the tube is the EBUS scope video camera with ultrasound probes. This captures local images of lungs and lymph nodes, and allows doctors to take a detailed look at the airways and the lungs. These images help doctors locate with greater accuracy the areas of the lung which need a closer look.

During the procedure, patients are given an IV to administer medications which will keep them comfortable, typical in a process called conscious sedation or sometimes with an anesthesiologist who may utilize medications to induce sleep during the procedure. Once the patient is comfortable/asleep, the doctor will insert the bronchoscope with its camera and the bronchoscopy will begin.

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